Saturday, February 14, 2009

1st corinthins 2nd one

this is the actual one, i left a few out on the one i posted. hope you like

"* Love runs a marathon with blistered heels just to keep you company.
*Love won't take a break until you have what you need.
*Love doesn't get grumpy if you win the lottery and refuses to share a penny.
*Love doesn't act like you're a stranger just because you have a giant green booger in your nose.
*Love,though perfect, isn't full of its self.
*Love doesn't push its self into places where it's not invited.
*Love doesn't take cuts in front of anybody.
*Love doesn't go crazy when you totaled the car.
*Love doesn't keep track of all the times you blow it.
*Love does't laugh when a jerk falls on his face.
*Love doesn't make the story bigger than it is.
*Love can be spat upon, beaten, and even murdered and it'll just keep loving.
*Love trusts God implicitly.
*Love doesn't feel bad about what happened yesterday.
*Love keeps running the marathon until it reaches the end.

Our love is Jesus Christ

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