Saturday, February 7, 2009

A poem for a mom

If you could just imagine
One more moment is all that I'm asking

Knowing that one day
God's gonna open up the gates
And take my mother away

And I dream of it

Hurts to know that I could be a better Daughter
Did so much for me, but I haven't done none

But I can, and I'm willing to change
Play a better part, with this life as my stage
And when she leaves, there'll be a smile on her face
So I will let her go on a good page

All I care about is her happinessAnd when the time comes, damn I'll sure miss

But that's what happens, it's inevitable
My perfect mother is unforgettable

But as long as she knows that I love her so
The tears'll fall, but I'll have to let her go

Because I know every minute now is sacred
So we need to make time the best we can make it

We gotta take it slowAnd I'll do the best I can to show
That before you go, I do careBefore the time comes that you gotta leave here
Mama, i'll meet you there.


  1. oh my gosh! that poem made me cry!! BEAUTIFUL POEM!!


  2. Jinny I think that was so sad. That almost made me cry literally.